Kissing style is a very powerful weapon of seduction, a way to express assorted feelings of affection.
The Astrology teaches you the kisses charm according
to each Zodiac Sign

Aries kissing style

That is a hot and utterly passionate kiss, full of affection. Very impulsive, Aries would rather to surprise you. He pulses, he shall let you get the best of him... And, at the same time, he is mastering all of you.

Taurus kissing style

Taurus is the most sexy sign of Zodiac. Taurus has a greatly desirous kiss, very intense and vehemently seductive. It is more affectionate than hot, so there is the trap: you will want so much more.

Gemini kissing style

Gemini would rather to alternate the pace between hotter, intense kisses and soft sneaky smacks, using the right amount of his tongue exploring the other’s mouth, kissing with tenderness, never embarking on painful lip-bites. That is a joyful, pleasant and cheerful kiss.

Cancer kissing style

Cancer kisses with the soul. Very romantic, affectionate and his softer side is expressed through his lips as a truly love letter. You may win a Cancer’s heart by fulfilling him of sweet and affectionate kisses.

Leo kissing style

Leo believes that kissing is about art. His kiss tastes like passion, desire, strength and intensity. After all, it is a perfectly hot kiss, which is able to seduce and put you on fire. Leo is willing to make clear that he is a utterly good kisser. They want to be a kind of unforgettable kissers.

Virgo kissing style

Virgo is perfectionist even when he is kissing it must be a flawless moment. He will follow the lead of beloved person in order to get you fully embraced by the affection of his soft lips. It is an intense, welcomed wet and pleasant kiss.

Libra kissing style

Libra has a sort of romantic style. Kiss must be very slow and full of affection. It is quite impossible you do not let him get the best of you while his mouth seems willed to explore even more. If you want to experience a memorable kiss with Libra, you must kiss with tenderness and sensuality.

Scorpio kissing style

A kiss from Scorpio is very hot, like an extension of the sexual intercourse. It is erotic, hot and inviting kiss, which will make you feel you are into a sensual and passionate movie scene. They call it trap-kiss, seduction-kiss and passionate-kiss... It is definitely a memorable experience.

Sagittarius kissing style

Sagiattarius really appreciates affections and lovingly touchs while kissing. He likes to feel special and that you let him get the best of you. It is a hot and sexy kiss, tastes like adventure.

Capricorn kissing style

It is a sweet kiss at the beginning and then you may experience the welcomed surprise of a full of desire kissing. Afterwards, he confidente enough to do deeper, more and more, seeking for a higher intensity. It is a long-lasting kiss, which steals your breath and that always leaves you wanting for more.

Aquarius kissing style

Aquarius is resourceful even when they are kissing, that is why their kisses are never the same. They can kiss alternating between tenderness and voluptuousness. They are always seeking for new sensations, not afraid to be daring.

Pisces kissing style

A kiss from Pisces is fully devoted to the beloved one. Their kisses are smooth and soft. That is greatly pleasant kiss, never repeating itself, but it always overcomes former experiences.


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