Sign traits sometimes can be revealed quite smoothly and at other times they can be emphatically exposed, depending on the nature of each Zodiac sign. Currently, however, there is not a huge discrepancy between men and woman characteristics.

Aries woman

Beautiful and bold. She does not appreciate routine. She is highly competitive, especially at work and even in the role of love. She is independent, which often leads hear to be alone, without an equal partner. Strong sexuality and impulsive are natural traits of a Aries woman, she demands to be attended at the time she wants. She is not romantic at all and would rather to be intensely involved in a burning passionate relationship.


Taurus woman

Trustable and steady, you can always count on her. She is bold and is willing to work hard in every situation, since it is worth it. She enjoys comfort and appreciates flowers and perfumes. Although, it is not easy to win her over. Whenever she gets involved into a relationship, she would rather to keep it. However, Taurus woman does not insist on having a relation that is not working: she turns her back and go to the next page.


Gemini woman

Usually, she is thin, not always tall, but she is really willing to know what are others thinking about her. She has a nice talking about any subject and appreciates every sort of romantic adventures, while dreaming about a flawless relationship. So, whenever she finds it, she will entirely devote herself to that. Plus, she needs to be surrounded by diversified people in order to feel herself truly satisfied.


Cancer woman

Youthful, romantic and affectionate. She makes her best efforts to assure a healthy relationship with the beloved one. She offers her love and affection being under the risk of drowning the counterpart in a flood of kisses, tenderness and care. Plus, she is willing to look after the partner like a mother does. Hard worker and honest, Cancer woman strives to keep her family and home safe. She gets everything and everyone embraced by her web of emotions.


Leo woman

Bossy, but generous, always ethical and confident. It is impossible not to perceive her presence. Wherever she goes, she will be naturally respected by the others. Passion is more important than love. For Leo woman timing matters, so she does not appreciate non-sense. She needs to know she is loved. She is the one who gives best gifts, but she also can be a cruel oponent, if insulted. Plus, she is a great partner, since her orders are followed.


Virgo woman

Even though she is not a greatly vain woman, she is quite charming and cares about her personal grooming. For Virgo woman, the work really matters and due to her expertises, she generally occupies a prominent position at her job. Plus, she definitely does not waste time with romantic adventures, so she would rather to be alone in such case. With regard to loving relationship, her devotion is incredibly deep, which may stifle the partner. Routine is the biggest enemy of fortune.


Libra woman

Style is her main characteristic: she co-ordinates her outfit. Libra woman is very friendly and ready to be supportive with those whom she cares about. Also, she appreciates all sort of social activities, specially the most elegant and fancy events. She is not inclined to have discussions, being always ready to manage conflicts and establish harmony among people. Charm and sympathy make her a great hostess.


Scorpio woman
She is a femme fatale, but in fact she desires to be deeply loved. She makes many woman envious of her style. Warning: she is possessive and highly jealous, being combative whenever she feels threatened. Scorpio woman is cold and evil when betrayed. On the other hand, she is entirely devoted to beloved one and she does not give space to the partner thinks about anything, except her. A sexy and delightful woman when she is intensely in love.


Sagittarius woman
Completely honest and too sincere, she does not sympathize with hypocrisy. Sagittarius woman is very Lucky, even when facing the hardest moments. Freedom is a very precious asset to her, so she should rarely be attached to someone else. She is willing to go travel abroad, exploit the world and meet different people. She is generally tall, owner of long legs. Female Archer calls the attention wherever she goes because of her strong opinions about different topics.


Capricorn woman
She is strongly dignified. Capricorn woman appreciates to be respected and she is generally very independent about her attitudes. Also, she looks after the ones she is fond of, specially her folks. Her outfit is always sober and her beauty is austere. She is purposed to win. So, she is willing to have a bold partner in order to feel herself comfortable.


Aquarius woman
Fun and resourceful, but absolutely unsteady. She is a great and loyal friend. She is not willing to be attached to someone else because she would rather be free to join groups and to be part of several activities, instead of being stuck in a routine. She enjoys herself by going against others. She is fond of new features, specially in the technology field, but not being a fashion addict. She usually forgets important dates.


Pisces woman

Dreamer and romantic, she is willing to do everything to the beloved one. She is charmy, charismatic and wishes that life would be a fairy tail. Pisces woman is a natural dancer and singer. She is loyal and unconditionally generous to her partner and therefore she might be explored. Pisces woman loves surprises: it is difficult to know what she would like to be presented with. However, she always gets the right gift to others.


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