Male sign traits can be emphatically revealed. However, you may consider that the following topics describe generic archetypes, so they just should be used such as guidance and reference.

Aries man
Extremely curious in his overall approach. On the other hand, his proactive trait is very supportive and make the difference to any teamwork, specially on emergencies. Aries man is selfish and combative. He hates to be commanded. He does not have so much patience to play love games and foreplay and his rush is extended to love and sexuality. After all, he can be a good husband whether he is duly respected by his loved one.

Taurus man
Patient and eventually slow, so he takes a long time to start up any activity. In love, he is sensual and makes best efforts to keep the relationship healthy. Taurus man is trustable and keeps his promises. He appreciates comfort and works to enjoy his well-being. Also, he enjoys a good food, so he can found to be overweight. He disregard changes and new approaches, he feels unquiet and uncertain.

Gemini man
An eternal youth, who makes fun of everything and seems not to take life seriously. Gemini man does not know how to manage difficulties and hardtimes, he shortly gets tired and just go towards new exploits. Gemini individual loves to interact with others in order to have a pleasant talk. He is willing to be not attached to anyone else. Nonetheless, he is given to be an excellent lover, whether he does not feel trapped or caged by the partner. He seems to know everything about everyone. Then, do not expect he could be a good listener all the time.

Cancer man
A romantic by nature, who believes in love and in family. Cancer man value his parents and grandparents, even they are not present. He has a peculiar way to embrace loved one, a charming approach, but eventually playing through emotional blackmail. The Crab is a great fellow, father, lover and he is willing to shelter and provide comfort to his folks. He might be an unmeasured dreamer.

Leo man
He likes playing, care about hobbies and having fun. Mostly are competitive, with a touch of drama. He can exaggerate his will and needs as if he was acting in a stage. On the other hand, he is generous, but eventually authoritative. Leo man is a good fellow and knows how to please his beloved with the perfect gift. He needs to feel himself important and loved. Also, Leo must feel proud of his friends and of loved ones. Otherwise, he does not feel properly confident.

Virgo man
Virgo is a meticulous perfectionist, sometimes he can be a pain and annoying. Job always comes first. He is usually very good on what he does, seeking for the continuous improvement. Virgo man also is open to helping loved ones almost like an obligation. He is attached to routines and habits, so he may some difficulties to manage changes. Sensible and yes, that makes he gets easily hurt if not feeling the partner loves him as much as he does.

Libra man
Libra individual is quite popular and you can find him among his friends. He is supportive, engaged and sociable. Libra man is inclinated to help others, since they are acceptive. In relationship, he is quite romantic and bent on being in love because he does not stand to be by himself. Nonetheless, he is not willing to be entirely commited to his partner.

Scorpio man
Discreet and quiet, Scorpio man is not driven to talk, but he is very precise is his usage of words. Most of time, he is critical with regard to others in order to keep situation under control. His love is deep and intense, but also can hate and be permanently resentful. He is known to be possessive and jealous. Therefore, he may drown the partner with his affection to avoid competition.

Sagittarius man
Wherever he is, Sagittarius man usually takes so much space. He is generally happy and very enthusiastic. The Archer is highly able to engage others in his beliefs or even convince them about an argument. He does not accept to be defeated and he commonly tramples over people in order to be succesful. Sagittarius man enjoys travelling and spend his time thinking about the future, forgetting about the present.

Capricorn man
He is frugal with money and eventually miser, Capricorn man is motivated whether he identifies a clear and settled reason to move on. Goat is a hard worker, meticulous and bent on being very carefully about quality. He is insistent with respect to sustainable matters. He is quite patient in regard to get into a relationship, so his partner will be rigorously chosen and believe: wedding details will formerly be planned on Goat's mind. He is also an effective provider at home.

Aquarius man
Aquarius man is a very good fellow, wheter he is not compelled to be attached to a group or staff. He is smart and learns fast. He is not given to be commanded, although can be a good asset to the teamwork. He is a resourceful lover and eager, however he can also be shy. In fact, he does not know what love means. In relationship, his main trait is loyalty. You still can be positively surprised by this man during your lifetime.

Pisces man
Pisces man is a visionary, who plan the future and is able to perceive a reality that is hardly noticed by other individuals. Sometimes he seems to have his head in the clouds. At work, he is very resourceful, creating ideas almost unfeasible. In relationship, he is a romantic who believes in the strength of love. Pisces man entirely gives his all in a relationship, at the same time he is not able to manage his losts. He goes from hell to heaven in a few seconds.

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