Women do not necessarily prefer only energic and active men.
Each Zodiac sign has different manners to express themselves, therefore every single woman will look for specific and unique qualities in a partner.

Aries woman

Invite her over for a running or to join you in a tennis match. The more you become hot and sweaty, the more you will get closer to her. Aries woman is in a rush, she is very dynamic and needs to feel she is the ruler and never commanded. Let her win over your heart, as if you both were in a game. That will definitely keep her crush on you for some time.

Taurus woman

Be patient and no rush. You need to be consistent to break the walls in order to win her heart. Be groomed and perfumed, take her to some fancy and beatiful places, stimulating her senses. You certainly should avoid abrupt changes. Be a confident and loyal gentleman. Then, you will be awarded with a faithful, devoted and sensual woman.

Gemini woman

You should be able to deal with her power to manage thousands of tasks at the same time, or even her inclination to change interests abruptaly. On the other hand, she can be pleased by little, but smart gestures. She appreciates talks, about everything and she hates to feel trapped. You may choose a Gemini woman only if you are willing to live an unpredictable life.

Cancer woman

She is the most embracing and seductive woman. But, also she can be a good emotional blackmail player. It is not easy to win her heart because she must get used to your and to your presence. Therefore, do not rush things. Invite her over for a candle light dinner or even for an ice-cream. After all, you should be ready to be drowned by her love and tenderness.

Leo woman

She is a natural swagger and must be noticed. Leo woman is pleased by intense passions and romantic games. By the time she is the queen of your heart, you will be pleased by a generous partner, who will shower you with nice gifts, doing the best efforts to make you happy. Playing love games is the best way to keep the passion on, otherwise she may run away from you.

Virgo woman

You should be prepared for her small demands. Beyond her sweetness and discretion a woman who demands for perfection is hidden. Unless she got hurt, Virgo woman has a rigid quality standard with regard to partners. She notices every single detail and she is not easy to surrender. She seems afraid of loving, so you will have to win her over. Tidiness and education are essential aspects.

Libra woman

Sociable and full of friends. She is always well groomed. First step to win Libra woman’s heart is to look the part. She enjoys going out and is pleased by kindness and gentleness: you may invite her to go to fancy places and appreciate music. Also, she is quite indecisive, so you should make the decisions for her, managing her doubts.

Scorpio woman

Mysterious and owner of suspicious mind. Scorpio woman is quite tough. A woman full of complexities, who does not allow to be easily attached to anyone. She hates the idea of betrayal. Be honest with her since the beginning and she will know how to manage the relationship. She is willing to take some risks. If you are lucky, you will have a devoted and loyal partner for a lifetime.

Sagittarius woman

Always beyond her time, she lives in a future or in a modern way that you will be able to achieve if you spend your best efforts. Sagittarius woman is fond of sports, physical activities and exploits. She is pleased by new ideas. You can invite her over to join you for travelling, specially to a exotic place in order to exploit odd experiences.

Capricorn woman

She is the queen of plans and projects. You get to keep your word because your promises will be recalled for the rest of your life. Capricorn woman is ambitious and she knows exactly what she wants, so do not go ahead if you feel you are not part of her projects. On the other hand, if you really feel that you both can win, go for it. She is miss independent, kind of woman that can do it for herself and succeed. Plus, she is extremely sexy.

Aquarius woman

You both may spend years being only friends and suddenly an unxpected kiss may happen. If you are really willing to win her heart, you must be resourceful and more creative than her. Do not let her guess your next steps. Aquarius woman is not so affectionate, even she seems needy. Loyalty is always more important than fidelity.

Pisces woman

Romantic, engaged and utterly sexy, she needs love as much as she needs the air to breath. Feed her dreams and fantasies. Surprises her instead of creating expectations. The more you are devoted to her, the more you will have her love. For Pisces woman, the constancy is a virtue, so be understanding with her changes of mood.

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