How to seduce Aries-born
Model of masculinity and virility. He has so much energy and sexuality. Aries-born appreciate a challenge, therefore you must create a mistery environment in order to win them over with your daring trait.At the first date you must show that you are completely able to join him in every adventure and party. A lot of tenderness and attention may get you closer to an arian's heart. Loving Aries is about to be prepared to win him over every single day, since the routine bothers him, so go and surprises him.
Kissing style - hot and full of passion.


How to seduce Taurus-born
Naturally seductive. Be prepared to please Taurus-born senses. First of all, there is the sight sense: look the part, be beautifully groomed and do not forget about a light and fresh perfume, since the sense of smell is heightened. Taurus man or woman really appreciates to feel desired. You must be prepared to live together, if it is your will, because Taurus is highly possessive. They are quiet lovers, who appreciate slow and intimate sex.
Kissing style -express desire and sensuality, it is usually a long kiss.


How to seduce Gemini-born
Curiosity suits Gemini-born, so stimulating their intense desire to understand something is a good way to seduce them. An interesting talk is a good start to amuse them because Gemini-born love sharing ideas. Also, they appreciate crazy adventures, therefore you should be prepared for that and keep your good mood, since they are always seeking for entertaining like a restless and smart-ass teenager. Do not be so picky, otherwise they will rapdly escape. In bed, they make the best efforts to greatly and entirely please the partner.
Kissing style -creative and very seductive.


How to seduce Cancer-born
Cancer is one of the more sensitive and romantic Zodiac sign. Cancer-born are very resourceful, smart and affectionate persons. Make use of your candid trait as a weapon of seduction with Cancer. If you are a combative individual you will be under the risk of driving them out, so you must be careful when trying to seduce them. They are natural keepers, so they may be resentful, since they are very sensitive and get hurt easily. In fact, Cancer is guided by Water element, where the feelings are. Also, they are driven by the Moon, therefore they may easily change their mood. They can be pleased to go for a walk on the moonlit floor and to go dancing together, cheek to cheek. They really love it. In bed, they are measured and emotionally intense.
Kissing style - romantic, affectionateandsoft.


How to seduce Leo-born
Leois a natural swagger, likes to shine and to show off. Also, Leo-bornare pleased to be spoiled and courted, but in order to win them over you must not be so available. They are guided by the Sun, so they are very magnetic and can easily make everything be built around them. Leo-borncan be easily flattered by the compliments. On the other hand, they may get very disturbed by yourindifference since they need other's attention.
Kissing style -express strength and desire.


How to seduce Virgo-born
Too reserved and distant. Do not fail with a Virgo-born because they have a very methodical approach. Even though they are sensitive and emotional, they try to hide it. They are demanding and critical with themselves as much as they are with others. Virgo-born appreciate talking and good humor. He is very attentive to small details and pleased to know whenever the partner cares about his ideas and feelings. If you are willing to win Virgo over, you must, first of all, awake his craziest desires, because behind the scene, there is a hot lover, who enjoys adventures.
Kissing style - Passionate. Seeks for partner pleasant.


How to seduce Libra-born
Libra is so connected to beauty, it is valuable for them. Also, Libra-born enjoy to be surrounded by friends, so it may be a problem if you are willing to have anintimate moment between you both. They are guided by Venus, so they are fascinated by art and beauty, however they prefer not exposing their strongest feelings. Symbol of harmony, they avoid conflicts and they usually adopt to keep the peace, instead of being combative and overexcited.
Kissing style-Tender, romantic, unhurried and full of affection.


How to seduce Scorpio-born
Scorpio is one of the most sensual sign of the Zodiac. They are able to supply energy and have so much magnetism, which make them attractive. It is not that easy to win a Scorpio-born heart, but if you get that, sob e prepared to face strong emotions and greatly passionate moments, because he longs for an intense sexual experience. You will have to keep an environment of mystery in order to attract a Scorpio-born because being secretive is one of their traits as well. Therefore, seduction game must be strategically planned. Insinuating is the best way to keep them interested. Warning: Scorpio-born appreciates to be exclusive because they are highly jealous, even though they do not waste time on jealousy scenes.
Kissing style - erotic, sexy, hot and mysterious.


How to seduce Sagittarius-born
Sagittarius is a fire sign, therefore they are full of energy. Sagittarius-born are motivated by adventure and when the topic is love, they do not waste time. If they are facing so many difficulties to win someone's heart, they can easily replace it. Freedom is a great treasure to Sagittarius, so if they feel threat with regard to that, they will easily remove you from their lives. Therefore, do not push them.
Kissing style - gentle.


How to seduce Capricorn-born
The first step to seduce a Capricorn-born must be boosted by yourself because if it depends on him, nothing will happen. Also, you need to be determined in order to make them have a think about it. They are very suspicious and they do not get involved with persons who are just willing to play or to have some fun because they are very carefully when it comes to love and relationship, being difficult to win over a Capricorn-born. They are highly effective and comitted..
Kissing style -kisses start shy and then escalate to wildly passionate.


How to seduce Aquarius-born
A touch of nerve is always positive to win Aquarius heart. It is not so hard to establish an intimacy Aquarius-born because they appreciate to know people, but keep in mind that they have a vehement desire for freedom, so do not play on that. Being free is their main condition and usually Aquarius-born have a reputation for being cold and insensitive persons. So, the solution to win them over is to be unpredictable as much as they are.
Kissing style -embracing, with hugs andaffections.


How to seduce Pisces-born
Pisces represent contradiction and changing, therefore, you may never demand for perfect rules and definitions. Pisces-born are greatly romantic individuals, fascinated by art, delicate things and always connected to the divine. Pisces-born, usually, seems to be living in another dimension, however they love so much and easily express their affection. If you are willing to win a Pisces-born heart you must be simple and resourceful, so forget about exhibitionism. They prefer feelings than physical offers. Invite a Pisces-born to enjoy a candle-lit dinner or a picnic in the field, then a charming walk on the moonlit floor.
Kissing style -smooth and romantic.
The purpose is to bring pleasure to the partner.

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